Boltless Shelving

Boltless Shelving

Super Shelf 123

Boltless Shelving Super Shelf 123 is more of a storage system than a shelving application. Highly customizable sizes make it a favorable racking solution for any storage facility from industrial boltless shelving racking solution, stockroom shelving, boltless racking to mobile shelving with boltless units in the UK. In case of a smaller space, the Super123 / Super shelf bolt free shelving system can be assembled as a multi-tier structure providing both storage and workspace within an stockroom.

Industrial Storage and Carton Flow

Boltless Shelving Solution Super Shelf 123 comes in handy as an industrial storage and carton flow system. It helps organize carton flow with various accessories for  various industrial storage spaces according to the sizes of different cartons. When used with the perforated frost-proof plastic shelving units, it can be used in a chill store and cold store applications down to -30 degrees Celsius. These are easy to clean and maintain, which makes them ideal for cold storage.

Archive and Office File Storage

Boltless Shelving Solution are organizing hard copies and archived data files become easier with our boltless super 123 / super shelf. Quickly access records and documents placed neatly in the customized shelves available in both mobile and static designs.

Garment Hanging and Shelving

Boltless Shelving super shelf 123 resolves the unique seasonal needs of the garment industry that includes hanging and shelving of garments without being spoiled. Our high tensile flexible design supports many hanging rails, hooks, internal central hangers that keep garments protected inside the hanging framework and external hanging on the outside hangers for maximum visibility.

Retail Applications Industry

From high street stores to local supermarkets, this robust, safe, and highly engineered boltless system can be reconfigured with no power tools to provide the optimum shelving solution. Available in various sizes, and accessories like hanging rails, trays and dividers etc, with storage cabinets and partitions we can provide you a complete storage racking / shelving solution to match your business’ needs or can be used in front of house to create various styles of outlets.

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Library and Book Shelving

Super Shelf 123 is ideal to shelve books of various sizes in huge settings like libraries or small bookshelves like in book stores. The flexible design may be easily adjusted according to books and documents and also use in Industrial Storage.

Home Use Shelving

Super Shelf 123 can be configured and accessorized to shelve small or big things in your home, garage, and garden. This is an attractive, clean, and easy to reconfigure hardware that serves your purpose for years at your home.

Our Super 123 Shelving can also be used  to create space saving Tiered Shelving Structures

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    • Entirely boltless, extendable and interchangeable according to space
    • Medium/light duty shelving
    • High tensile galvanized steel make
    • Individual shelving loads up to 530kg.
    • Bay loading up to 3600kg
    • Conforms to the EN10204 Standards for longer life and stronger structures
    • Supports standard applications and tiered structures like mezzanine floors
    • Easy to configure
    • Customizable boltless shelving design
    • Cost-effective Boltless shelving storage solution in the UK

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