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Longspan Shelving System

Best suited for manually handled products where deep shelves and wide bays are needed, Longspan shelving system possesses a wide range of load-bearing capacity and supports various beam lengths and bay depths. The design and installation can be easily customized according to you capacity, space, and business requirements. Several accessories may be attached to support the industrial level sorting and storage purposes, for example, dividers, plastic bins, perforated shelf panels to comply with fire regulations, hung garment’s accessories, etc.


Metalsistem’s Unishelf Longspan shelving system finds an immense scope of application in all industries where products are handled manually. From the garment industry to goods factory, this racking solution can be customized according to the requirements of different industries. Wide bays and shelves provide complete visibility of products placed inside and offers enough space to manually organize big boxes and cartons, their packing, picking, split turnover, sorting, and storage, etc.

Shopping and Retail Industry

Longspan shelving can provide optimal space for storage capacity in your existing shops or warehouses by flexible steel structures that can support heavy-duty goods and medium-duty boxes or cartons. Industries where manual sorting or packing takes place may make use of Longspan shelving system to increase their storage capacity while keeping things easy to access and see.

Warehouse storage system

Longspan shelving and racking system optimizes the warehouse storage system by increasing the shelving space via its multi-tiering system. Also, the flexible height of shelves makes it easier to store differently sized boxes in one space. Warehouses can, therefore, accommodate different goods in one space by using a customized Longspan shelving system for both heavy-duty and medium-duty goods.

Garments industry

Longspan shelving can be accessorized with hooks and frames to support garments and maximize their visibility and access.

Small scale storage solutions

Longspan Shelving may also be adopted for door storage and other small scale storage solutions. A single or multi-tiered structure may be configured to serve small scale storage purposes or the organization of products. Longspan shelving racking system is also ideal for grocery stores, stockrooms, electronics businesses, exhibitions and facilities where light to medium weighted products need to be manually placed and moved quickly.

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    Features of our Longspan Shelving System

    Our Longspan shelving system is designed and developed after strict technical testing and high-quality metal processing. Compared to its ideal price, it provides optimal performance to cost ratio. This is an ideal solution for commercial warehouses, storage rooms, stockrooms, etc. It boasts of the following qualities:

    • Adjustable pitch/ height
    • Best for medium weighed/ non-palletized goods
    • Fully galvanized components internally and externally
    • High tensile steel make
    • Easy installation and assembly
    • Safe and convenient
    • Low cost
    • Immense load bearing capacity
    • Frame clamps for added stability in a back-to-back configuration
    • Accessible shelves for speed of loading and retrieval
    • Multi-tiering options