Standard Mezzanine Floors

Double or triple your working or storage area by adding a Standard Mezzanine Floors or an integrated Multi-tier racking work structure to meet your operational needs and optimize space utilization.

Mezzanine floor

Why choose storage Racking Mezzanine floor?

If you do not wish to occupy an extra warehouse, you can always add a Standard Mezzanine Floors to your existing facility and save your cost. Our high-quality Mezzanine floors provide various benefits.

  • Creates additional storage space
  • Optimizes use of small storage spaces
  • Freestanding systems not reliant on building works
  • Installations are singular project managed processes
  • Flexible, customizable designs to suit different business needs
  • High standard and best quality components
  • Floors are erected under the ‘building regulations’
  • Perfectly finished staircases and handrails
  • Long living, durable structures
  • Safe and secure storage solutions

Industrial Applications

  • Warehouse Storage Mezzanine Solution

The most common application of a mezzanine is in warehouses, where no more space is available and you wish to use the maximum space at a lower cost. By adding a mezzanine floor, we help you save the extra costs of moving your warehouse and disrupting your business operations for days.

  • Office Mezzanine Solution

In offices, factories, or production houses where different teams have to work together, optimizing your space is highly important. Instead of finding a new and bigger office space, you can always add a Mezzanine floor to your existing office to adjust your storage space, extra seating space, work stations, observatory, labs, toilets or any other facility to optimize your office space and lower your fixed investments.

  • Retail Mezzanine

A retail Mezzanine is a perfect place to showcase or store your products and use the wasted space in your facility. Flexible design and staircases, handrails and other accessories may be added to customize your Mezzanines according to your retail business needs.

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