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Tiered Shelving Structures

Mezzanine floor and integrated Multi-tier racking work structures to meet your operational needs and space utilization and variety range offer by The Metalsistem’s. Our systems make use of your building headroom turning the space above your heads into valuable working space, doubling or even tripling your working area. Not content with building a warehouse and installing our racking and storage solutions then why not build the racking storage system first and then clad the system with roof and walls (Rackclad Structures) to give you the most cost effective storage facility built with your needs in mind from the ground up. Increase your storage capabilities without the need to extend or relocate with Tiered Shelving Structures.

Tiered Shelving Structures “Static” installations are assembled with proven Metalsistem’s racking produced from certified high tensile structural steel providing either standard or tailor made solutions for warehouse fit outs and rack clad structures serviced either by manual or automated material handling systems, all provided as turnkey solutions. Our newly introduced TSSB Beams offers a stunning 7.5M span for mezzanine applications, the reduction in uprights necessary to hold the floor ensure that the solution offered provides a bright and airy space under the floor for customers and is a really effective solution for retail shop applications where display and aesthetics are a priority requirement for retailers. The mezzanine systems uses non slip steel planks as decking boards which can be ribbed, open or smooth to provide open working or retail areas. Alternatively you can use chipboard Decking Boards to provide a more traditional mezzanine floor solution. Mezzanine floor is an intermediate floor between main floors of a building, and therefore typically not counted among the overall floors of a building.

Super-3 two tiered structures offer a 300kg per meter of coverage weight loading for walkways and working areas. The Super-3 with the exception of three bolts that hold the feet, offers a totally boltless mezzanine solutions. This reduces the need for power tools in the assembly. The Super-3 system offers the opportunity to have suspended walkways for picking operations. Staircases made from standard components are integrated and reinforced using a Super-3 upright to provide strength and rigidity. The Unirack system again offers maximum flexibility in design and innovation allowing the user to develop the most effective free standing mezzanine floor system. The system is a bolted system that can be used in a two and three tier system up to a maximum height of 8M with frame loading of 4800kg.

Super 4-5-6 Multitier solution is a heavy duty mezzanine solution where you require strength and durability. The system can be developed from component parts or can be individually tailored to suit your application. The TSSB beams provide spans of up to 7.5M allowing easy access for plant machinery and under floor working. The Super 4-5-6 can be designed to integrate racking and storage solutions both under and above the mezzanine floor level.

The galvanized high tensile steel is hard wearing, simple to erect and is easy to inspect in regular scheduled maintenance inspections. The standardized nature of the components means that damage can be easily and cheaply rectified, ensuring your system remains in top shape. Should you wish to adapt the system you can quickly adapt the floor to suit new stair cases, walkways, or shelving components giving you the ability to vary the workspace to accommodate your changing business needs.A free standing system is not tied to the building and is usually outside of building regulations unless you are placing working accommodation on the mezzanine complex (Please refer to building regs or call to esquire about the application of planning and building regulations to your specific use). Mezzanine floor is designed to give you more working and storage space,. Rather than combining a mezzanine floor with a racking application from separate manufacturers we offer mezzanine floors with spans up to 7.5M built on integral free standing racking systems for use both below and Above the floors.

The racking system can be extended to multiple floor levels to take advantage of existing building heights and headroom which would otherwise be lost space for you.

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    Why Use Metalsistem Solutions

    • Integrated storage and mezzanine flooring system where shelves form part of the structure
    • Maximisation of available space
    • Free standing systems not reliant on building works
    • Spans of up to 7.5M improving access and reducing beams (TSSB Beams)
    • Installations are singular project managed processes


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